All began one summer with some years ago...Was in 2005. Some private investigators from Romania gave meeting to Predeal for 2 or 3 days .They were very interested to know how much as possible in their profession.I looked and listened day after day...For me was born a question: how do we meet again ?!I have need a story...( I said in my mind).One of the famous Romanian writers who was invited inspired me. He said: the story will be written , here in every year: by you € private investigators.You will become personages, players, storytellers, teachers or students: this is the story. No end. In every year can be written a new chapter.Year after year my concern was to organize a new edition.I have helped friends, collegues at the begining from Romania but later from Germany, Spain, Hungary, Moldavia, Turkey, Italy...Regulation school must become a wonderful tradition. The Honoray Dean will be elect for every edition, and the flags will be change year after year...Here in Carpathian Mountains the private investigators from all of the world will give meeting in every summer. We leave and return again and again...with wonderful memories and new friends.

Dear colleagues, dear friends,

We are happy to give a gift: our hospitality and wonderful places.You will give the joy of being together. And, we may be sigure: after many years              P.I.International Summer School will be the most important and wonderful places for all private investigators from the world. P.I.International Summer School will be a  "must have" for every private investigators and every one may be proud that was here. Believe me, this in my dream and thank you because you are part of it.

Founder President: Maria Bumbaru

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PUBLICATIILE  2014 - 2015

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