We are a detective agency in Bucharest that operates throughout Romania and in other countries.
We operate wherever our clients need us.
Our clients include global companies, private individuals, detective agencies or others who require our assistance and experience.
Since we started to operate in this sensitive business working for our private and business clients, we achieved very high results, using our high quality modern equipment, our experience and our wide network.
All clients we worked for have been satisfied with our work quality and results of the investigations.

Economic Sector e.g.:
• industrial spying
• insurance fraud
• gang crime
• sickleave
• embezzlement
• illegal employment.

Private Investigations e.g.:
• cheating the spouse
• people search
• damage of property
• burglary
• maintenance obligation

We are  to solveany problem you may have and we will be very pleased to discuss your special case with you.

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